Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Titus and his friend

Titus was relieved to find another Frenchie while I went to visit Brittany at work. One of their patients had this little fella in their car and we got him out so they could play together. Titus mostly tried to hump him.

So I just took Titus out side and we found a frisbee and its pretty much his favorite toy. He won't let go of it! I can lift him up a couple feet in the air while he's got a hold of the frisbee and he'll just hang on to it. What a nerd. Well look for us in one of those ultimate dog challenge contests on ESPN doing frisbee tricks!

I'm a Blogger

Not gonna lie...I was a little anti-blog for a while, probably because I'm not good at keep our lives up to date. I see that some people post like every other day. Yeah, that probably won't be happening. I barely even know how to use this thing! Anyways, I thought I would post a few pictures we just recently took of Titus and his new friend. Well, not exactly a friend, cause he'll probably never see him again, but it was good for him to know he's not the only dog that looks like Stitch!