Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Week and Some Change

So it's been over a week since we brought Andie home from the hospital and it has certainly been an adventure! The first couple night were a little difficult...Andie decided she likes to wake up every hour and a half to eat and so needless to say we were a little exhausted those first few days. Since then she has been sleeping more and more, and the past couple nights she has only woken up twice to eat. It has been so much easier on Brittany and most of the time I don't even wake up or hear her cry. I thought I would put some more recent pictures of her up so you can see how she is doing, so here you go...
Pretty much all she does at this point...sleep. Oh yeah and eat, and of course poo. I don't mind the first two too much, but that last part...few. Thanks Janell for bailing me out on numerous occasions.
Cousins Lauren and Camryn were big helpers when we got baby Andie home and were so good to her, making sure not to touch her face and to always use "hanitizer" before holding the baby.
She's so stinking little I was worried this thing wouldn't do its job correctly, but I guess they say she's good to go. Another positive, she falls asleep as soon as she gets in the dang thing!
No doubt we love this little girl. She has been amazing and we have loved to watch her learn and grow. Its been tough for me to leave my girls and go off to work the past week and a half but I sure make up for lost time once I get soon as I get out of my work clothes I make sure Andie and I "assume the position" (see above pictures) and I usually don't stop holding her until its time for bed.
This past couple of weeks would not have been as easy on us if it wasn't for our families and all of there help. It was great to share the whole experience with them, and to have them around to welcome Andie home. Without a doubt we appreciate everything they did for us from cooking us meals to helping change diapers and keeping Brittany company while I was at work. A major THANKYOU goes out to each of you!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Andie Mae Stevenson

It's official...our baby finally has a name! Hope she doesn't hate us for it. Thanks to everyone for all your love and support. Oh yeah and thanks to those who pointed out that I totally forgot to post here stats. Andie was delivered July 14th at 1:38 pm, she weighed 6 lbs. 10 oz. and was 20 inches long. No doubt that this little girl is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to us! I'll try to keep you posted on Andie and Brittany's progress and on our new adventures!

Little Miss Perfect!

So here she is! Our little princess finally decided to make an appearance...and what an entrance it was. Trust me, if you have never been apart of the birth process it is mind blowing! Brittany did so awesome, 3 pushes before the doctor came in and 3 after he showed up and out she came! What an amazing experience. Here are a few pics from the whole experience. She's pretty incredible, perfect in every way!

Look at all that hair! So it's still undetermined if it's blond or a light brown, whatever it is theres a ton of it!
Holdin her after she got all cleaned up!
Bath Time!
She was kinda mad....
But then she calmed down once dad dried her off and wrapped her up!
I wasn't kidding....loads of hair!
And finally...our little family...
So if you are wondering what we named are we. Actually we have two names we are going over, and if Brittany wasn't asleep right now we would probably have the issue settled. Anyways, more to follow her actual name!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Late Anniversary Post

Yeah our anniversary was a couple weeks ago and I meant to post something earlier but I'm a slacker...So here are a couple pics from our little outing on the 23rd. Britt made me put up a picture that wasn't one of her pregnant, so here is one of our faves...Brittany might argue that it wasn't the most romantic night of our lives, but don't let her fool you. It was fun to actually spend the whole day together which doesn't happen to often! So we went shopping for a while, then ate at Texas Road House (which was d-lish!) and to top the evening off...(this is when I turned up the romance) we played miniature golf down in the hillbilly bayou at Boondocks. Thats how I get down. Nothing turns Britt on more than Hillbillies and Bayous, So I thought hey...two birds with one stone! So here are a few pics...

So we started the adventure off with a little batting cage session. I'm looking pretty professional in the sweet facegaurd helmet that was no doubt child sized!
Would you look at that swing? I mean that thing is I had a hard time deciding if I should try my hand at the medium or fast pitching machine, so since its been a while since I've swung the bat I opted for the medium, which no doubt was a good idea because out of all 20 pitches I hit zero of them! Pretty pathetic, I was humbled to say the least...and you know Brittany, she was right there on the other side of the fence taunting and making fun of me. Gotta love the support she so freely gives!Down at the Hillbilly Bayou!
So I will just let everyone know that I DOMINATED Brittany at miniature golf...well kinda, I beat her by like 8 strokes but as you can see, Burt was playing with a disadvantage...the belly kept gettin in the way!

Heres a shot of Britt putting through the cave amidst the intense marshlands. She looks pretty focused if you ask me.

In all, we had a fun time. Britt made fun of my batting, and I mad fun of her I guess you could say we tied for the night. I sure love that little girl and her belly. I just wish the dang baby would decide she's ready to come out so I can play with her. Every time I get a call from Britt I hope that when I answer she will sound all frantic and tell me I have to come home right away and take her to the hospital, but no luck yet. Anyways, 3 years down...eternity to go!