Wednesday, December 17, 2008

5 Months!

So Andie is over 5 months now and is getting bigger all the time. She is really starting to get a personality which I love most of the time. Her first tooth broke through the other day and I feel so bad for her but overall she has handled it very well and is still a good and happy baby.
Andie has started sitting up on her own but only for short periods of time, but she is doing really well. Also she loves to eat cereal so much I thought I would try some other foods just to see how she would do. I know that she is still pretty young but she loves to eat. I started her on green beans and she LOVED them! I was surprised because I didnt think they tasted very good at all.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our Trip Home

So this last weekend we went home to Idaho to visit friends and family. It was nice to go home and relax and spend time together since Adam isnt around much. He is still working full time and is going to school full time and especially since finals are coming up he hasnt been around much so it was a much needed break. The weekend started with my dad taking Adam and his friends on a mountain bike ride.Then we went over to our friends house to hang out for a while since it has been so long. This is Andie's little boyfriend Taiton. It was time for them to go to bed for the night so we thought we would see what they would do if we put them together. They are so cute!(Also Happy Birthday in a few days Taiton. I cant believe your already 1!)
And to my friends Charish, Holly and Stephanie, I really miss you guys! It is always good to get together when I come to town. I just wish that we werent so far away. I am glad we keep in touch though and have stayed such good friends. I love you guys!!!

It was a great trip but it was nice to come home. As you can see we were a little worn out from a busy weekend but it was really nice to come home.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Big Daddy Titus!

Yes thats right, the puppies are here! They were born on Saturday November 29 and Maggie did amazing. French Bulldogs usually have to have c-sections because they are smaller and most of them cant handle it. We had her scheduled for a c-section that next Monday but she went into labor before that. She didnt even make a sound and just went in a laid down in here bed and started having her puppies. It was pretty amazing to watch and we are so proud of her for doing it naturally. We had four puppies, 2 girls and 2 boys and 2 are brindle and 2 are white so we ended up with one of each. It was perfect! Here is Titus the proud papa.

This is the little white girl and she is my favorite. She is the smallest one and I just love her.This is Adams favorite one, the brindle boy and the craziest one of them all.They are always climbing all over each other and cuddling. I am going to be so sad when we sell them!Here is Maggie taking care of her babies. She is such a good Mom and never wants to leave them.