Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Getting older

I cant believe how big Andie is getting. She is already over 20 months old! She has quite the personality and most of the time I love it but boy does she have an attitude sometimes! I am afraid that she is already starting to hit the terrible twos! She is one smart girl though. She loves to count and say her ABC's and sing all sorts of songs. Every time she gets into trouble and I count to three she just keeps counting for me until she gets to ten and then I just laugh at her because she is so stinkin cute. She also is smart enough to know how to win her dad over with almost anything she wants. I must say it is pretty freakin cute though. I am still trying to adjust to two kids and give Andie the attention that she deserves.

She is such a good sister though! She is always concerned about Elsie and making sure she is okay. She is so cute when she talks to her and tries to make her happy. She is always telling me to be quite because Baby Elsie is sleeping. I really couldn't ask for ask for better kids. I just love them so much.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


This last Sunday was the first time Elsie went to church and of course she was so good and slept the entire time. Also it was so nice to finally go back after missing for a month. While I have been gone they split our ward and made our condos into a branch (which im really sad about right now and will miss a lot of people). We just had stake conference this last week so we will see how our new branch is this week. I am really dreading going to church at 1:00pm now since it is right in the middle of nap time. Hopefully Andie will do okay with it though.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Valentines Day

I cant believe that February has already come and gone. It was a very busy and eventful month to say the least. Valentines Day was a little different this year for the fact that we just had a baby and weren't leaving the house much. We had a nice day at home though and even Adams parents were here to spend it with us. Life is still crazy but we are adjusting more and more each day. Elsie is still sleeping about six hours or so before waking up at night which I appreciate so much. I love my girls as well as there daddy that works so hard for us.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

1 Month!

I cant believe that Elsie is already a month old. It has gone by so fast. We have been super busy since she has arrived. My mom came and stayed for a week and then took Andie home for a week to give me some time to rest and adjust. Then we went and stayed in Idaho for a few weeks to see family and friends. I have only been on my own for two days now but it has been crazy. Hopefully we will get a schedule down soon. I dont want to jinx myself but so far Elsie has been the best baby in the world. Even better than Andie was and I thought she was perfect! She never cries and only fusses for a second to let me know she is hungry or needs changed. She even got a cold from her sister and she couldnt breathe and I could tell she was miserable but she has still been amazing. From the time she was a week old she was sleeping 5-6 hours at night and by two weeks she has consistently slept 6 hours eats and then sleeps for another 4-5 before waking up again. I am just glad that my girls understand that I need my sleep. Also Elsie has been a really good eater. When we left the hospital she had dropped to 7 pounds even and within a week and a half she was already at 8 pounds and had grown an inch! When she was first born I would have sworn that her and Andie were twins but within a month she has changed so much and definitely has her own look. We are loving having her as part of our family and are so grateful for her.