Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hogle Zoo

Since it is almost October and is still almost 90 degrees outside we took advantage of the last bit of our warm weather and the fact that Adam starts school again next week we took the girls to the zoo for the day. They both really loved it. Elsie would laugh and scream every time she saw the monkeys. It was so cute to watch.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Fair!

We just cant miss the fair so this year I took the girls to the Easter Idaho State Fair and then we all went to the Utah State Fair. In Idaho I took the girls to the opening parade before the fair. It was a really big parade this year and Andie got so much candy. I think her favorite part though was getting to spend time with her cousins.

If you cant tell my kids were very happy and excited about everything that day!
When we were in Utah at the fair we went and watched the seals put on a show as well as watched some little pigs race. Andie still talks about the pigs and how they screamed as they ran.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Boys and their Suits

Since we were in Idaho for the family reunion we decided to stay through Sunday and go to church there. My brother Jared's two best friends had just gotten home from their missions that week and one of them was having their homecoming that Sunday. Adam and I had become really good friends with them also since my brother lived with us for a little while so they were always over and became like family to us. Adam however had forgotten his church clothes and so come Sunday he had to borrow some from my dad. He was almost like a kid in a candy store looking through my dads closet at all the suits he had acquired throughout the last 30 years. He tried a few on and after having some fun he even convinced all of my brothers to join him. I couldn't pass up this opportunity to take a few pics of these strikingly handsome young men.

Welcome Home Kelly and Paul! We sure missed you guys.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hendricks Family Reunion

This year for the reunion we went up to Palisades and stayed in a cabin with everyone for a few days. It was such a nice break from reality to just enjoy the outdoors and family for a bit. The first day Adam went with my dad and uncles for a mountain bike ride while the rest of us just relaxed and enjoyed the day. We went down to the lake since it was so close to the cabin. The water was freezing but it was so pretty and nice. Andie liked it until she touched the water and then she was DONE! My brothers kept trying to throw me in and eventually Jared was successful even though I was not happy about it. Elsie was a good girl like always although I think she got a little overwhelmed with all the people and wanted mom or dad for most of the time.
The next day was so nice that we decided to go for a walk with everyone.
After a while Andie wanted her daddy so he was lucky enough to get both of the girls. I felt bad but he was fine with it and they were loving it.
That afternoon we had a golf tournament to see who could hit the ball the farthest. Adam won of course but we all enjoyed ourselves.
Even Andie had to get in on the action and give it a try.
After a while we had some crazy balls flying everywhere so we decided to watch from a safer distance.
We were also there for my Grandmas birthday. Andie and Elsie both love my Grandma and she spoils them rotten.
Elsie wouldn't go to everyone that trip but it sure made my Grandma happy that Elsie liked her so much.
Yes it was quite a crazy trip but we loved every minute of it.

We got to spend it with the whole family and as we get older its harder and harder to do so we all took advantage of it and had a lot of fun.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dinosaur Museum

Well we were trying to take full advantage of two buck Tuesday so last week we headed over to see the Dinosaurs with some friends. Andie was going crazy the whole time looking at everything.
Andie is trying to tell me how big the dinosaurs are.

She played in the sand for a while and dug for dinosaurs but really wasn't that fond of it since her hands were dirty. She is such a girl and hates being dirty at all.
The girls had to check out everything.