Monday, September 22, 2008

Soccer Game!

So this last weekend Adam had to work at a Real Salt Lake soccer game so he got some free tickets for us. We had never been to a professional game before and it was awesome! I couldn't believe how many people actually go to soccer was crazy. We had a great time....even though it did rain on us for a little while. We took Andie with us and I was a little worried because it was kind of cold and rainy but she did so great.
As you can see she was so happy the whole time.... she even ended up sleeping through the second half. She just looked around at everything trying to take it all in.
Also Sean and Alexa came with us to the game. Thanks guys for joining us and for helping out with Andie. We will have to do this again soon.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Husband Tag!

It is a husband tag....

1. What is his name? Adam Robert Stevenson

2. Who eats more? Adam for sure...he eats three times what I do!

3. Who said, "I love you" first? He did, in the car during our first argument.... it was perfect resolution to whatever we were arguing about!

4. Who is taller? Adam not that either of us are very tall!

5. Who is smarter? Adam is smarter at most things such as school but I am smarter with money.

6. Who is more sensitive? I would say that he is unless I am pregnant and then I am.

7. Who does the laundry? I do most of it but every once in a while he helps.

8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do because it is closer to the baby so I can get up at night.

9. Who pays the bills? It use to always be me but now we both do.

10. Who cooks more? I try to since I am the one that is always home now but Adam does on his days off. He is a much better cook than me!

11. Who is more stubborn? Ha ha ha! That is me for sure!

12. Who is the first to admit they are wrong? Usually Adam...he is much better to move on from things than I am.

13. Who has more siblings? We have the same amount...Adam has three sisters and I am three brothers.

14. Who wears the pants in the relationship? Hands down this one is me....Adam doesn't like to admit it though.

15. What do you like to do together? Snowboard, Go on walks, Shop!, Hang out with friends and family, Play games.

16. Who eats more sweets? Depends on what it is but usually it is me...Adam doesn't even like Chocolate! I know he is weird!!!

17. Guilty Pleasures? Shopping, Looking at houses that we wish that we could buy.

18. How did you meet? When Adam had been home from his mission for three days he came over to my house with his friends to hang out with me and my roommates. He was still weird then!

19. Who asked whom out first? Adam asked me out first...I dont really remember most of it though. Oops!

20. Who kissed who first? Adam kissed me first while we where watching a movie.

21. Who proposed? Adam did... he was suppose to wait until we went to Canada but he couldn't wait so he did it before we left.

22. His best features and qualities? He has a lot....I love the dark hair with his euro trash haircut and his bright blue eyes. Also he has great style, I even trust him to shop for me. Also he is really funny and is liked by everyone. He is also really smart and works really hard at anything he is passionate about. And the best thing is what an amazing father and husband he is. Man, I could go on forever!!

I now tag.....Stephanie, Brittany, Stacey and Krystal

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So this past weekend we returned home to bless Andie in Idaho so that we could share it with our friends and family. It was so awesome to see everyone and to be at home. Adam blessed Andie on Sunday and he did such an amazing job. He was really nervous but you would have never known it. Andie was also very good and never even made a sound. All around it was a great weekend!

Thanks to our friends and family for all of your support!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Out for a walk!

So we have been trying to go on a few walks lately to get Titus out of the house and to give him some attention. He absolutely loves to go on walks, especially when we see any horses, birds, or cats, he gets so excited! Here are a few pictures from our adventures. Andie loves to go on walks also, she just likes to be outside. Whenever she is upset we just take her outside and she will calm down and stop crying.

Andie can only take so much of being in her stroller before she lets us know that she wants to be held so that she can look around at everything. She is already learning how to work the parents to get her way.

Titus gets very jealous of Andie and always wants to be where she is . He tries everything he can to get some attention. Finally we let him ride in the stroller for a minute and he loved it, he didn't want to get out.We decided the other day to make him work for his stroller ride. So we made him pull the stroller for a while. It was so funny he was out of breathe and pulling so hard and he had no idea what was going on. He just kept walking though and once he was really tired we let him have a ride.