Thursday, October 23, 2008

We are expecting!

Well our dog Titus is going to be a dad. We got him and his girlfriend Maggie together a few weeks ago and the rest is history. We are so excited!! The puppies are going to be due the first week in December. Maggie went in for an ultrasound and the vet found at least three puppies with a possibility of more. So if you know anyone that would want an amazing french bulldog like Titus just let us know.

Look at what a cute puppy he was. Who wouldn't want one of these. I cant wait to see what the puppies will look like.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our First Family Photos

Last week we had our friend Lisa take some photos of our little family down in Provo and she did an amazing job! So I thought we should share some of our favorites with you. Here you go...enjoy!
Isn't she the most adorable thing ever!!!Striking a poseShe was so happy the whole time!Burt doesn't like this one but too bad...I do.
Absolutely the best one of them all. I love it! It's okay for you to admit our baby is cuter than yours.

Okay so I'm posting a ton of photos this time...sorry for some of you who like words rather than pictures but I couldn't narrow it down to just a couple photos that I liked best. So deal with it, and for you who are blog-stalking and only come to see the latest photos you must be in heaven...
We couldn't help not putting her in her one-piecer, its just too cute.
You know we couldn't leave our little boy dog out of the family photo session!
Okay so that's finally the end of them. Well we hope you enjoyed them, we know that we do...I've been sending and showing almost everyone who will let me. Mostly because our baby is adorable, we're merely filling in the scene. Thanks again to Lisa.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Three Months!

I cant believe that it has already been three months since we welcomed Andie into our family. It still doesn't seem realistic sometimes that we have a baby. We are loving every minute of it. She is growing so much and is becoming so much more aware all the time. The only thing that I can complain about is that the last few weeks she has really started sucking her thumb and I dont know how to get her to stop. At least with a pacifier you can take it away but she wont take one...she never has, all she wants is her thumb! If anyone has any suggestions how to get her to stop before it really becomes a habit I am all ears.

Oh and also we had our friend Lisa take some family pictures the other day so as soon as I get them uploaded I will post some of our favorites! They turned out awesome!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our Dallas Trip

So this last weekend was our long anticipated Dallas trip and let me tell you it was a blast! We spent 4 days from Friday to Monday doing any and everything, from threading eyebrows to 10 hour shopping marathons to fondue mayhem. Here is a photo recap of our adventures. Enjoy!

Our plane ride out to Dallas... I was excited.
Did Someone Blink?

Waiting to be seated at some D-lish Tex Mex restaurant.

Eatin some fajitas...

Chey giving the "I'm too full Signal"
And the more understood "I'm too full signal" (yeah that's what you think it is)

Let the Threading begin!...Chey pretty much cried.

And the results... (at the Galleria)

After the Shop-A-Thon we went to Salt is Chey and I trying to outdo each others lime amount.

Group Photo! Look at Chey, she caught him mid-burp in the photo! Haha.

Game Day!
Um, thank you Lisa for giving my wife a cowboys jersey, even further singling me out!
A few game time shots.
Terrell Owens, Jerry Jones and Ocho Cinco photo opp!

Chad and Terrell, probably talking smack (or about to kiss)

Chad and T.J.

We had so much fun at the game...and we got to share it with our best friends!


After the game we went and ate at Simply Fondue and it was incredible, and things got a little out of hand...
No, he's not going to kill you...he just spit ice at Britt...that's all.
So I dropped the lens cap to Lisa's camera under the table and I was helpless so they decided to smear chocolate on my face.

As you can see we had a lot of fun this past weekend in Dallas, it was nice to get away and relax (well not really relax). Spending time with each other and the Thatchers was great I just wish we didn't have to come home and get back to work and school. Thanks Chey and Lisa for making this weekend the funnest we've had...EVER! You guys rock! BFFFL!