Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cruise Day 2

We were at sea all day so we slept in and then took advantage of everything on the ship again. After breakfast we went ice skating which was pretty entertaining since none of us have been on ice in years. If anyone knows my brothers though they know they have to try and show off and be the best. We were laughing pretty hard at there tricks and watching them fall. It was a lot of fun though.

My brothers getting ready to rock climb.My dad even participated in the sexiest leg contest. He should have won but he didnt since half of the judges were with the other guys participating in the contest. We all got a kick out of watching him though.

And my favorite part was just relaxing and laying out for a while. I got fried though which sucked being in pain the rest of the trip and I only laid out for an hour or so.
My little brother Cully even got to gamble for the first time in his life. He definitely got a lot more practice throughout the trip and he eventually he even played the tables.
That night at dinner was our first formal night. Of course the food was amazing and we ate until we were sick.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cruise Day 1

Well my AWESOME and AMAZING parents decided to take the whole family on a 7 day cruise down to Mexico. Adam and I went on a cruise a couple years ago that we loved but I must say that this one was even better. The only hard part was leaving the little kiddos behind even though I knew they were in good hands. We left Andie with my aunt and cousins and Elsie stayed with Adams sister Brooke. Luckily they were both really good while we were gone and didnt have any problems. We left on Sunday the 11th of April early in the morning. We all stayed at our house in Utah so we would be close to the airport. It took forever to finally get out of the house and then we had to turn around once since Adam and I forgot to put our taxes in the mail before we left and they were due while we were gone. Oops!!! When we finally made it to the airport we walked in and the Delta line was really really long and would probably take over an hour to get through and our flight left in less than that! Luckily my dad walked to the front of the line and found someone that opened up a computer for us and got help to hurry and check all our bags in. Then they told us to run to the other building to go through security or we would never make it. So yes we looked like the crazy people frantically running to make our flight. When we got there my dad handed us our tickets and just our luck my moms was missing! We had to send my little brother back to get a new one and hope that we all made it on the plane. Well we finally hurried through security and to our terminal just as they were finishing loading the plane. We were so lucky I still cant believe it!
After we got off we waited around for a bit and waited for our shuttle to take us to the ship. It was pretty cold in LA while we were there but it was still much better than Idaho and Utah where is was snowing!
We got on the ship around noon and decided to walk around and find some fun things to do.

We watched the ship pull out of LA for a minute but it was so cold and windy. Luckily it didnt last long!
We were all starving so we all went and got something to eat. While we were there my dad said he would pay my brother Jared $20 to eat a spoonful of horseradish! It was so funny I was pretty much crying from laughing at the expressions on his face. I couldnt believe it did it though. He is definitely a lot tougher than me.After eating we went outside to play around. Adam and my brothers played a girl and a couple kids in basketball and they got beat...bad! It was good for them to be a little humbled though. We later found out they were also LDS and throughout our trip found tons of people that were LDS. It is so nice to find people that you relate to no matter where you go.
We played around the world ping pong a few different times and definitely got a work out, which we needed from eating so much.We ate in the formal dining room every night. Every night the food and service was amazing and we would eat until we couldnt eat anymore. Me and Adam were so excited to spend time with each other since we never get to at home since Adam is always so busy. It was nice to get away and not worry about anything for a whole week.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

3 Months

I cant believe it has been three months already. Elsie is getting so big which I love but at the same time it makes me so sad. She is still the best baby in the world. She never cries and is always happy. I love that she is always smiling and happy. She is about 12 1/2 pounds right now and growing more everyday. She loves Andie and laughs and tries to talk with her. They are so cute together. She is still a wonderful sleeper and sleeps from about 10-5 or 6 everyday then eats and sleeps for another three hours and still takes a few naps. I really couldnt ask for anything more. So far she still likes to be held a lot and doesn't enjoy tummy time for every long but she LOVES to be talked to and likes to see everything going on all time.I told Adam that I think we are pushing our luck by having anymore kids because ours so amazing!!!