Friday, July 30, 2010

2 Years Old!!!

So I am a little late posting but on the 14th Andie Mae turned 2. I cant believe I have a two year old. She is such a good girl though and I couldn't ask for more. When I look at pictures I cant believe how fast time goes. I just want her to stay my little girl forever. Everyday is a new adventure and very entertaining with her around and she is the best big sister.

Just a few days old
3 Months Old
6 Months Old
9 Months Old
1 Year Old
18 Months Old

2 Years Old

We had a birthday party at the park for Andie while we were in Idaho. It was really windy that day but she still enjoyed it. She was spoiled like always and loved every minute of it. She enjoyed opening all of her presents as much as she liked what was in them. She wanted a pink Cinderella cake but since Cinderella is blue I decided to make a pink barbie cake. It was so hot that day that the frosting melted but she still loved it and thought it was perfect. Grandpa even helped her cut it and she thought she was such a big girl.
Andie loves all of her cousins and talks about the all the time. Lauren is the oldest and she idolizes her.
Here are a few things that Andie has been loving lately. She has to wear her sunglasses all the time and loves to go to the pool. She gets so excited to go swimming.

Also we moved her from a toddler bed into a twin bed and she thinks she is big stuff now. Also Grandma Dori bought her some princess decals to put on her wall since she is so obsessed with princesses lately.
Andie also loves to get all dressed up. She always asks me to put curlers in her hair, paint her nails and she always has to have earrings a necklace and a bow in her hair. She is such a girl and I think I am in for some trouble in a few more years but I enjoy it all for now.
Andie is still quite the talker. She counts to 14 and is constantly singing her ABC's and all the songs she learns in nursery, which she loves.
Here are a few of the things Andie says that make us laugh.

When she is going to bed: "Mommy, Daddy lay by you" and "Hold you Mommy"
Whenever her hands are dirty. "Yuck mommy, Gross" She hates being dirty!
Whenever she farts "Andie tootie"
When I make her take a nap and she doesn't want to "mommy shut the door, I so sad mommy, so sad"
Elsie was crying so Andie walks over gives her a hug and says; "no crying okay, its fine"
She was being naughty the other day so I made her sit in the corner and a minute later she came out and said "Andies okay mom, all done"
Also she always refers to herself in the third person....ALWAYS!
Whenever I put her Cinderella panties on she says, "I don't pee in Finderella, she will cry" Yes for some reason she thinks Cinderella starts with an F.
Whenever she get in trouble she always says "no mom, no 1,2,3,4,5 spank my butt"

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fourth of July weekend

We had a really good fourth of July weekend. Adam's parents came to visit and its always nice to have them here. Saturday Adam and his dad built some shelves in our garage that are so nice. Then that night we went to the fireworks at Thanksgiving Point.
If Adam has any say at all this little girl will become a soccer player. Hopefully she feels the same way about that he does.

Since Andie is in the middle of potty training Adams mom bought her fireworks that she got to open when she would go potty. She loved the sparklers.
I was worried how Elsie would do but of course she was awesome. She just watched them and screamed with excitement.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Elsies Blessing

We were finally able to bless Elsie on June 13th. I know that she was 4 months old but between going on our cruise and then each of our parents being out of town it just took a little longer than normal. Adam gave her an amazing blessing and I am so grateful to have the priesthood in our home. Unfortunately it was kind of a cold day. The Sunday before was over 90 degrees but of course the Sunday we decide to bless Elsie and have a BBQ it is in the 60's. We still had a good time though and are glad we got to spend it with friends and family.

I love my two girls so much. I am so grateful that I get to stay home with them everyday and watch them grow. Andie is such a good sister and can always make Elsie smile and laugh.

Friday, July 2, 2010

4&5 Months

Time sure flies by even faster with the second child. Elsie is growing so much and I am starting to love watching her and Andie interact with each other. We have been spending a lot of time at the pool and Elsie is loving being outside all the time.
She just gives me looks when her older sister decides to write all over her face. I have a feeling this is just the beginning.
We gave her cereal for the first time a couple weeks ago. Even though she was making funny faces she actually loved it. So far she has only had cereal and bananas but she has loved them both. I think she just loves to eat.She also loves her pacifier which is still weird for me since Andie never took one. If she looses it though she does get mad she just sucks on her big toe instead.

Here is a little video of Elsie laughing and giggling. She is so much fun and just makes us all so happy.